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Our Story

We aim to simplify ESG and sustainability.  We apply leading subject matter expertise to add real value and reduce risk to your business.

Our mission

Our mission is to lead the change required for a sustainable future, focussed on helping organisations to manage ESG risks, and capitalise on their opportunities to benefit our society and economy as a whole.

We do this by supporting organisations with: a) preparing strategies aligned to good and best practice, b) delivering credible reporting aligned to stakeholder requirements, and c) turning strategy into measureable action. 

Our experience

We provide more than 20 years experience in shaping and validating strategies, plans and public facing reports in Australia and Europe - across a range of ESG topics including energy, water, climate change, transport, buildings and the full variety of Environment, Social and Governance reporting metrics. 


The business is led by Brendan Tapley, Managing Director. He is one of four people in Australia to sit on the GRI Mining Sector Standard Working Group. He has also peer reviewed the GRI GHG Emissions and Climate Change topic standards - currently being updated. 

Based in Perth Western Australia, our experience is global and covers all sectors of the economy. We include experienced industry professionals in our project teams, and we furthermore embrace partnerships that provide the best solutions to our clients.

Decarbonate's mission is to make a difference to the world through helping organisations to shape their approach to service delivery in a way that serves the needs of their stakeholders, while adding real value to businesses and organisations.

Our values are focused on:

  • Cultivating and leveraging best practice insights of ESG/climate standards and industry practices.

  • Effective risk management and value creation to complement your corporate strategy and stakeholder needs. 

  • Dedication to supporting boards and management. We work closely with a limited number of clients based on request, as your go-to subject matter experts.

  • Access to leading technology/data providers.  We have worked with many of the leading technology providers to inform reporting and analysis of ESG data, 


Brendan Tapley

Managing Director


Richard Keenan

Graphic Design Lead


Senior Manager - Water, Environment & Climate

Katie Biggs

  • LinkedIn
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