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What We Do

As a dedicated climate change and sustainability consulting business we bring strategy, reporting and assurance expertise in the following areas:


The variety of ESG regulations, standards, stakeholder expectations and peer practices present a complex environment for organisations to respond to.

We simplify this for you - helping you to identify what is required now, what is likely to be required in future, and how to differentiate  your business considering best-practice.

Our team members have prepared ESG frameworks, Sustainability Reports and assurance reports for numerous listed and unlisted organisations.


Decarbonisation presents significant challenges as well as opportunities for many businesses.

We help our clients to systematically:

- Report on scope 1, 2 and 3 GHG emissions.

- Identify decarbonisation initiatives.

Develop a decarbonisation strategy with achievable targets and a disclosure roadmap for annual reporting - aligned to leading standards and regulations (current and emerging).

- Road-test existing strategies and roadmaps to identify and mitigate risks, including green-washing 

- Recommend cost-effective data management/reporting platforms and support with the application/use of such platforms. 

Climate Risk

Climate risk is an increasingly regulated area of business. However it presents challenges to organisations due to a lack of understanding and uncertainty. 


We work with the latest physical climate change data to establish science-based evidence that is contained within our Power BI climate risk mapping tool.

We enable access to the latest climate data through strategic partnerships with key weather and climate data bureaus.

Our Services


Decarbonate helps businesses and governments navigate and cut through the complexity of ESG issues.

We provide clear direction on navigating the future and uncertainty, leveraging our 20+ years of knowledge of regulations, standards and techniques. 

We harness the power of data to understand, visualise and solve complex problems.

We can support across all areas of sustainability - ​across governance, strategy, risk management and reporting and target setting. 

Our services

  • Strategy & Policy

  • Materiality

  • Sustainability Reporting

  • Human Rights & Modern Slavery

  • Sustainability Leadership & Communications

  • Carbon Neutrality & Climate Active

  • Net-Zero & Zero-Carbon Modelling

  • Sustainable and Ethical Procurement

  • Circular Economy & Life Cycle Thinking 

  • Climate and Nature Risk Management

  • Carbon and energy markets

Reporting & Assurance

Investors and regulators are playing a more active role in calling for greater disclosure and emphasising the importance for accuracy and completeness of data.

Decarbonate leverages digital platforms and techniques to enhance the rigour and efficiency of non-financial reporting and assurance.

Our services

  • National Greenhouse & Energy Reporting

  • Safeguard Mechanism

  • Carbon neutrality and Climate Active

  • Taskforce on Climate-related Financial Disclosures 

  • Taskforce on Nature-related Financial Disclosures

  • Transition plans

  • Sustainability reports
  • Grant funding support

  • Recommend cost-effective data management/reporting platforms


Delivering on sustainability commitments can entail various risks and challenges. 

Our project support services help orgnisations with transitioning their strategy in to initiatives. We provide technical advice and leverage our networks to support projects that seed, grow and strengthen environmental and social outcomes. 

Our services


  • Project management support

  • Project impact measurement


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